IVC Stock Market Simulators
  • Stop the Market!
  • Play days of time in seconds 
  • Replay the past in compressed time
  • Stop, slow, or speed up time
  • IVC Wizard features fantasy stocks
  • IVC Mortgage and IVC Oil cover real world stocks
  • Historically accurate pricing
  • All relevant dividends and splits included



Play and Learn Stock Trading Basics

  • Test market vs. limit buy orders
  • Develop stop loss strategies
  • Safely test shorting and covering
  • Manage position sizing



Backtest your Stop Loss Strategies

  • Simple Stop Losses
  • Trailing Fixed Dollar Stops
  • Trailing Fixed Percentage Stops
  • Trailing ATR Stops



IVC Stock Market Simulator Features

  • Stop and start time
  • Evaluate historical price changes in advance
  • Plan trades to maximize profits
  • Compare percentage changes over time
  • Place limit trades and stop losses
  • Replay and test different stop loss strategies
  • View dividend payments and stock loss reports
  • Review detailed profit/loss for all transactions
  • Email your trading results and statistics



IVC Wizard: Fantasy Stocks

  • MILK
  • POWR
  • FRUT
  • ZOO


IVC Mortgage: Financial Crisis

  • BOA
  • FNMA
  • GS
  • XLF


IVC Oil: Energy Prices

  • XOM
  • OIH
  • XLE
  • OVX


Gallery of Screenshots: GALLERY

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